Beni Bırakma was a huge success in Bulgaria!
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29 September 2022 10:43


Beni Bırakma was a huge success in Bulgaria!

The daily series, Beni Bırakma, aired on ATV’s screen, said goodbye to its viewers by making a final with its 4th season in June. The series is also sold abroad and Beni Bırakma, which is broadcast in Bulgaria, attracts great attention.

The drama series Beni Bırakma, starring Esengül Aypek and Emrah Akduman, continued for a total of 630 episodes.

A large audience watched the story, which spanned 4 seasons. The duo of Esengül Aypek and Emrah Akduman also put their signatures on successful lead performances.

The series began to meet with the audience in Bulgaria as of January 2021. There is also interest in the actors of the series, which has become the most watched television series in Bulgaria in a short time.

Esengül Aypek, who appeared on the September cover of She&Girls magazine, is very pleased with what happened. The young actress said, “It makes me very happy that our drama is so popular abroad.”

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