Look where Alina Boz, the 'Mahur' of Maraşlı, appeared!..
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30 September 2022 08:55


Look where Alina Boz, the ‘Mahur’ of Maraşlı, appeared!..

The beautiful actress Alina Boz, who won great acclaim with her character “Mahur” in the “Maraşlı” series broadcast on ATV screens and was appreciated for her talent, has not been around for a while.

After the TV series “Maraşlı” was over, the actress starred in front of the camera for the short film “Babamın Öldüğü Gün”, written and directed by Emre Sefer, in which she played the leading role with Nur Fettahoğlu, and then took a vacation.

Returning from vacation, the beautiful actress appeared before the lens for the September issue of Lofficiel Turkey Magazine. The following expressions were used for the actress in the magazine on which Alina Boz was on the cover; “Authentic, transparent, sincere… As it is. She is both real and living her dreams. On an endless discovery about herself. She is maturing by discovering. We are on the move with our cover girl Alina Boz throughout the shoot. As she said, following the current is for dead fish, now it is necessary to swim against the current.”

Alina Boz also shared her poses for the magazine with her followers on her Instagram account. The photos of the actress, who has 4 million followers on Instagram, received thousands of likes and comments in a short time.

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