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6 July 2022 18:04


Engin Öztürk is in İbrahim Çelikkol is out in the My Home My Destiny

On the TV8 screen, we observe that the TV series My Home My Destiny audience on Wednesday evenings. Fans of the series show great interest in my production. In addition to the fact that the story is full of innovations, the new mission undertaken by Zeynep’s character is very important.

Displaying an uncompromising attitude regarding women’s rights, Zeynep does not turn away from her path and displays a strong stance in line with the demands of many TV series fans who leave comments on social media. Here, the attitude of Zeynep, which is reflected in the last episodes, which can be expressed as a strong female stance, further connected the audience to the series.

The dream of the character of Mehdi, played by İbrahim Çelikkol, to make Zeynep, not his life partner, but a person who obeys his word and obeys his commands about what to do, fell through. Zeynep, by revealing her own self and strength, resisted her husband. Closing the house was the last drop of the glass, and Zeynep, who gushed out of her bowl, filed for divorce against Mehdi.

Now there is a free Zeynep… An understanding begins between the character of Barış and Zeynep, who owns a law firm, who is understanding and respectful to the other person… At this point, Engin Öztürk came to the fore more for the fans of My Home My Destiny.

In the social media comments, we witness that the famous actor attracts great attention from the fans and wants him to take a selfie with Demet Özdemir and share it.

You can see the messages about these requests under the photo of Engin Öztürk published today.

Many TV series fans will remember, there was a situation of waiting for a selfie from İbrahim Çelikkol and Demet Özdemir before.

This expectation has now shifted to the duo of Engin Öztürk and Demet Özdemir.

Let’s see if the two famous names will fulfill their fans’ request and share their selfies from their accounts.

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