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Who is Boran Kuzum? Height – Age – Series – Family

Boran Kuzum was born on October 1, 1992 in Ankara. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actor.

Name: Boran Kuzum
Date of Birth: October 1, 1992
Place of Birth: Ankara
Height: 1.75 m.
Weight: 76 kg
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Eye color brown
Mother: Fatma Zehra
Father: Bora Kuzum
Pets: He has a dog.

Family: His father worked as the Deputy General Manager in Ankara State Theaters, his mother is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts. His parents’ work in creative fields enabled him to focus on art. “My father also painted at home, was interested in music, and with the influence of his work there, he used to take me to theater, opera and ballet as much as possible since my childhood. I see my family as both a great chance and support in my life. In our country, there are a lot of young people in the world, their parents need to guide them somehow, supposedly asking for their well-being. But sometimes some things do not work. I believe that no matter what job you do, there is no job guarantee in any job, everyone creates their own chances. Living in a big city and grappling with many problems, the only thing people can hold on to is to be able to do their favorite profession. ”

Childhood years: He played his first theater play at school when he was 13 years old. He did not have any thoughts of being an actor back then. “Rehearsals are over, the day has come when I will go on stage for the first time. Family and relatives are among the guests, of course. I still cannot forget the moment I was breathless when I stepped on the stage behind the scenes and the sweet pleasure I felt when the play was over. ”

Educational life: He graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Performing Arts Department, Theater Main Art Branch.

The turning point in his life? Deciding to enter the conservatory and move to Istanbul.

First step into acting: He started his television adventure in 2015 with the character “Suat”, which he portrayed in the “Mothers” (Analar ve Anneler) series.

With which project did it shine? He drew attention with the character of “Leonidas Papadopoulos” in the “Wounded Love” series.

Personality traits: A person who shares his joy, sadness, and anger with those close to him, values ​​his loved ones more than himself, loves his job passionately, is both fun and calm, in short, in balance, at peace with himself and loves to listen to himself.

Social: He likes to spend his time off work with the people he loves. “We are doing a job that does not end our time, it partially continues in our social life outside of the set. That’s why I want to collect good memories with the people I love and those who love me in that little space left for myself. ”

Mindset: He thinks that in the system we are in, people create their own luck. He thinks there is no limit to what he can dream, want, and do for his sake. “There were times when everything went smoothly like everyone else or I experienced misfortunes one after another. And I learned by living; The main thing is to take a lesson in your own way from all these situations that we call good or bad and continue on your way by getting stronger. I’ve been able to achieve this most of the time. For this reason, I feel lucky. I’m emotional, but I try not to overwhelm my logic. Sometimes I get confused, but I usually manage to balance. ”

What is his biggest effort as an actor? “As an actor, he strives to show people how to look from another window. “The arts and entertainment industry should not be confused too much. All of the arts fields serve the entertainment industry on the one hand, but the part of the job that we receive education and call art is separate. We play a lot of characters, tell a lot of stories. If an idea is formed in even one person as a result of these stories, this is a sufficient satisfaction in my profession for me. From my point of view, when I play a character, it is more important what windows that character opens in people’s lives rather than what windows in my own life. ”

What’s the biggest piece of advice he gets for acting? The advice of his teacher, Aslı Yılmaz at the conservatory, that your ability is determined by your preferences is always in your mind.

What kind of person is he on set? It takes time for a character to say goodbye after spending a long time inside. “Every character you portray becomes a part of you. I am not someone who finds it based on the reality of the character, first I catch something from myself, associate it with it, and move forward. Since they all become a part of me, there is an emotional process when I have to say goodbye. It’s like having a child, raising them and then watching him go his way. ”

Source of happiness: It has a high-awareness fan base. They donated a water well in his name in Africa and a book to a library in Yüksekova, and they also opened an art workshop in Sakarya. This intense interest of his fans is his biggest source of happiness. “I very hardly adapted to the constant visibility brought by our profession. Also, I am a person who has his own small group of friends and likes to live simpler. It was more difficult, of course. But after getting used to this situation, I really got used to it, on the contrary, I started to be happy. It is very nice to feel the love and good wishes of people you do not know. They make me feel that way even when I feel lonely, they are very creative and supportive. I love them so much.”

First motion picture: Onur Ünlü / Cingöz Recai

Definition of love: “Love is a strong emotion that does not change under any condition, where, at any time.”

His view of life: He thinks that everything, good and bad, always carries him forward and that life is a lesson to be learned from every experience. “It is necessary to accept with the good and the bad and continue. I criticize myself a lot. I’m usually a person who sees the empty side of the glass, so I always try to fill that side. Actually, it’s not something unhappy; Some people see the full side of the glass and become happy, I see the empty side and become happy. We are doing an ageless job. I hope I can continue doing this job for many years, and as long as I continue, I need to constantly add and update myself. The most important thing I’ve learned in life so far; It is that your dreams are not impossible to come true as long as you are realistic to yourself and strive for. ”

His view of business life: He is a young but very experienced actor and all the projects he has been involved in have been successful. He thinks that luck also has an effect on this. “After the conservatory is over, the desire to put what you have learned into practice is very intense. You do not have the luxury of choosing a lot of work because you are still unknown names. It was my chance to enter the industry with strong works in terms of production and story. After you start to show yourself, you are inevitably put into certain patterns by the sector people. If you are a shining actor, if you are a young player, if you are a medium shining name, these are shallow and meaningless patterns like the close friend of the leading man. I am very lucky that I have been working with a very good manager, Yasemin Özbudun, since the age of 19. He knows very well what I want. I never wanted to fall into those patterns that were resisted, it was always important for me to be a part of a powerful story. ”

Career plan: He pays attention to the whole story while choosing the role, then looks at the character. “As a character, you’re just part of that story, so the story as a whole is important. I don’t want to prefer a weak story line of a beautifully written character. My main motivation in telling a character’s story has always been to empathize with the character’s rights and wrongs and the audience, and have them look at people, life and other people from a different perspective from what they watch. This awareness enabled me to look deeper around me, to have strong empathy, to be more understanding and resilient. ”

Future Dream: Even if he wasn’t an actor, he would probably be trying to be an actor today. “I actually looked for a second option, but I couldn’t find it. I love my job passionately. I hope I can tell many stories for many years and continue to do my job with the same love. ”

Who does he admire? In Turkey wants to play together most with Hümeyra.


2015-Mothers (Analar ve Anneler) / Suat

2016- Magnificent Century: Kösem / Mustafa I

2016/2018 Wounded Love / Leon

2018- Falcon Crest / Efe Akdora

2019- The Protector: Hakan / Okan

2020- Respect / Savaş


2012 -Aşka Dokunmak /Hakan (Short movie)

2017- Cingöz Recai / Cüneyt

2019 -Biz Böyleyiz /Emrah

2019/2020- Hakan: Muhafız/ Hekim Efendi

2020- Drunk on Love/ Alaaddin


2017- Martı – 2017 (Treplev)

2015- Oyunun Oyunu – 2015

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