Enis Arıkan, the 'Muzaffer' of 'Camdaki Kız', also caught coronavirus!
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9 February 2023 15:38


Enis Arıkan, the ‘Muzaffer’ of ‘Camdaki Kız’, also caught coronavirus!

Famous actress Ezgi Mola stated that she caught the coronavirus the previous day and that she had a comfortable time at home because she had two doses of vaccine.

After Mola, the coronavirus test of his best friend Enis Arıkan was also positive. Enis Arıkan, who gave life to the character of “Muzaffer” in the TV series “Camdaki Kız”, announced to his followers the news that he had contracted the disease with a message from his social media account.

Enis Arıkan announced the bad news on his Instagram account with the words, “The beauty of the world you see has become corona”. The famous actor, who did not neglect to inform his followers about his latest health status, stated that he was able to spend the disease process at home because he was vaccinated.

Enis Arıkan said, “There is no limit to the incoming messages. I can’t go back to any of them, I stay asleep. I eat the bread of being vaccinated and get over it more easily. “I’m sweating and coughing a little bit,” he said. It was learned that the famous actor also took a break from the shooting of “Camdaki Kız”.

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