Enis Arıkan's painting of his nails became a matter of curiosity on social media!..
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29 March 2023 10:10


Enis Arıkan’s painting of his nails became a matter of curiosity on social media!..

The famous actor Enis Arıkan, whom the audience is accustomed to seeing in funny roles, is appreciated for his ‘Muzaffer’ character in Kanal D’s drama The Camdaki Kız.

Enis Arıkan, who is talked about with his performance in the series, will be released on Friday, January 14, Benden Ne Olur? He will reveal his funny side again in the movie.

Produced by Med Yapım, CJ ENM and Ay Yapım, directed by Murat Şenöy and adapted to the cinema from the book of Aslı T. Kızmaz, the premiere of Benden Ne Olur?, took place yesterday.

The film will bring the funny and familiar adventures of Sertab Bal (Hazal Kaya), the most entertaining representative of the modern woman of the 21st century, to the big screen. Enis Arıkan plays Sertab’s inner voice. Enis Arıkan shared his photos with Hazal Kaya, who is also his close friend, on his Instagram account.

Arıkan, who shot all the scenes in the movie with Hazal Kaya, said, “We have been very close friends with Hazal for years. It was very exciting to play against each other again after 15 years. It was a very safe place to play with my close friend again,” he said.

A detail in Enis Arıkan’s post immediately caught the attention of his followers. It was a matter of curiosity how the actor painted nails and how he painted his nails. The famous actor satisfied their curiosity by saying that his niece painted his nails.


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