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28 May 2022 22:16


Esengül Aypek, who mixed the series of Kaderimin Oyunu, does not limit herself with the rules!

Esengül Aypek played the character of Elif in the TV series Beni Affet (Forgive Me), which was broadcast between 2015 and 2017. Beni Affet, a daily TV series, had a loyal audience and the young actress attracted attention thanks to her successful role.

Esengül Aypek also took part in the one-day serial Beni Bırakma and is remembered with the character of Meltem… The first TV series of the actress, which was broadcast in prime-time, was the Kaderimin Oyunu (Game of My Destiny).

Esengül Aypek, who has just joined the story of the series that continues on Friday evenings on Star TV, left her life in Ankara and settled in Istanbul. The actress, who started to gain an important place in the story with the character of Zuhal, is very happy to be back on the sets.

It is not clear yet whether the character will be good or bad, and where she will be thrown. That’s why Esengül Aypek is very happy to play a character that gives off such different emotions. The actress said that there was no development in her love life, and that she focused on her work.

Esengül Aypek, who encountered reporters on the street and made statements, said that she chose a career, not love. The actress said, “For me, career takes precedence over emotions. When I say my feelings, love or career, my work comes to the fore.”

Explaining that the importance she attaches to work will not change even if she finds the love of her life, the young actress stated that she is someone who clearly states her lines in life.

When asked about her rules in acting, Esengül Aypek replied: “As long as there is no disrespect, immorality or violence, I like to stretch the boundaries. After all, the work we do is about people. Man is not a very angular thing, he can change at any time. That’s why I didn’t think about setting limits.”

Esengül Aypek, who also received training at Müjdat Gezen’s center in Ankara, expressed with these words that she does not have a situation to limit herself in acting, which spreads to Turkish cinema as the rules of Türkan Şoray.

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