Eser Yenenler's wife, Berfu Yıldız Yenenler, surprised this time with a 'deception' statement!
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4 October 2022 12:36


Eser Yenenler’s wife, Berfu Yıldız Yenenler, surprised this time with a ‘deception’ statement!

Berfu Yıldız Yenenler, which has been talked about for a long time with the statements she made in Miss Turkey 2021, which she hosted, added a new one to her remarkable statements.

Berfu Yıldız, who was selected as the 4th beauty in Miss Turkey 2015, married comedian and actor Eser Yenenler in 2019 and the couple welcomed their child Kuzey in the same year. The second baby of the couple was born in Mete last March.

Berfu Yıldız Yenenler was the guest of the program “Aslı Şafak’la Job Aslı” broadcast on Bloomberg HT. Yenenler made candid statements in the program.

Yenenler, who said that she got along very well with her husband, Aslı Şafak asked, “Have you ever cheated?” to the question, “I cheated during adolescence. I don’t remember exactly, I must have cheated on someone emotionally when I was in high school. When I was with him, I liked someone else. If this counts as cheating, yes I cheated.

Berfu Yenenler, “Who did you cheat on?” She answered the question as follows; “It happened emotionally, not physically cheating. It’s okay, in high school, I like the one in the next class, but I also like the one in the other class… The moon is so cute, or something… I’m talking about those times.”

Berfu Yenenler, who hosted the final night of the Miss Turkey 2021 contest, which took place in the past weeks, together with her husband Eser Yenenler, became the agenda with the response of her husband, “Leave yourself to me, relax,” and “Eser, whenever I leave myself to you, we have a child.”

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