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6 July 2022 19:10


Establishment Osman series team was shaken by deaths in a row!

Establishment Osman, as the continuation of the Resurrection Ertugrul series, which continued for 5 seasons, met the audience in the 2019-2020 season. The series, which has been published 22 episodes so far, shows a successful performance.

Burak Özçivit, Yurdaer Okur, Didem Balçın and Ragıp Savaş are famous names in the leading role of the series …

While the screen success in the Establishment Osman series was delighted, the deaths in the last 2 weeks were a source of great sadness. Alpay Göltekin, who first made the music of the series, died at the age of 48. The death of Göltekin, who also made the music of the Resurrection Ertugrul series, caused a deep sadness in the art community.

Another sad news came in Establishment Osman series. Rüştü Can, who worked as the plateau manager of the series, died as a result of a heart attack in the hospital.

After these overlapping deaths, a great sadness and grief prevailed in the Establishment Osman series.

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