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6 July 2022 10:06


Is My Home My Destiny series part of a plan for Demet Özdemir?

Famous actress Demet Ödemir is generally known for her romantic comedy series. The actress surprised for the first time by starring in the drama series. She, which gained great popularity with the Early Bird, also affected large audiences abroad. Özdemir’s transition from a comedy to a drama series was also seen as a real courage.

The famous actress, who is very excited to be involved in the drama project for the first time, has attracted attention with her successful performance in the series, which has been published 11 episodes so far. Their harmony with İbrahim Çelikkol enabled the series to keep up. Taking the character of Zeynep from the real life in the series of My Home My Destiny, where you were born, also affected the actress..

Demet Özdemir, who joined the conversation on Instagram, actually made a plan by making such a drama after the Early Bird? So he had to show that he could do drama work in her head? This question was asked from time to time. Demet Özdemir explained that this is not the case but that she accepted the drama work because she loved the story.

Demet Özdemir, who explained that after the end of the Early Bird series, had many scripts for her to read, “What I have always done so far is that when the series comes up, when I open the script, one strange one shines in my eyes. I am reading as I read. It was the My Home My Destiny that you were born for. I didn’t know it was a real life story when I first read it. Then I learned that this story is real. I said, ‘Did you add anything else to this?’ No, nothing. One hundred percent real. Such a girl has lived, is still alive and can actually watch you. I think this is a very enjoyable and great responsibility, by the way. ”

Demet Özdemir, who was very curious about the continuation of the story, also explained that she did not have a plan in mind:

“When I read it, I have never made a plan like drama time, now movie time. I really wondered where the story will go. Will the girl realize that she really has to make her own way? I will improvise even if it doesn’t matter! This is a very important project for me.”

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