Even sleeping is hard for Pınar Deniz, she feels the pressure of the series Yargı in her bones!
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6 December 2022 08:03


Even sleeping is hard for Pınar Deniz, she feels the pressure of the series Yargı in her bones!

Pınar Deniz, who plays the character of Ceylin in the TV series Yargı (Judgment), which meets with the audience on Kanal D on Sunday evenings, is on the agenda both with her successful acting performance and her private life.

Pınar Deniz, who came to the top of the agenda again after the emergence of her love with Kaan Yıldırım, appeared again in front of her fans with the start of a very successful second season of the series Yargı.

Pınar Deniz, who gives a performance that enchants her fans every week with the character of lawyer Ceylin in Kanal D’s series full of surprises, explained that it is not easy even to sleep during such an important period. Talking about her hard work, the actress explained her experiences at the event she attended as follows:

“I think it’s hard work. I’m in a period where I don’t sleep and really just focus on my work. If I am in a successful place right now, I attribute it to working hard, wanting a lot and loving a lot. The judiciary made a good opening, so we are very happy. I watched it with excitement as if it was my first time: Frankly, I am happy with the result.”

The actress, who also made advertising deals and therefore increased her intensity, said that she preferred to take part in the advertisements of companies she could defend. Stating that she is obsessed with quality fabric, the actress started to appear on the screens as the face of a women’s clothing brand.

The Yargı series has become for the actress the biggest meaning of her life. Not only working on the set for days and hours, but also watching herself on the screen on Sunday evenings is the indispensable ritual of the actress.

Pınar Deniz stated that she is also a person who criticizes herself a lot and said, “I try to watch myself through the lens, so I get into the story and watch it. I am a very self-critical person. That’s why I watch and see where I went wrong and try not to do it again,” she said.

With these words, Pınar Deniz revealed that she made sacrifices for her profession and constantly made efforts to improve herself, and defined herself as a workaholic.

Explaining that being committed to her job can be the greatest thing an actress can ask for, the actress also stated that she has done many projects in a row. Stating that she is very selective, Pınar Deniz added that her lover Kaan Yıldırım also works hard and they respect each other.

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