Joining Alparslan, Öykü Gürman and Kayra Zabcı changed the look of the series a lot!
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6 December 2022 07:08


Joining Alparslan, Öykü Gürman and Kayra Zabcı changed the look of the series a lot!

The second season of the Alparslan series, which met with the audience on TRT1 screens, has started and millions of fans of the series have also been on the screen. Barış Arduç plays the leading role in the series, each new episode of which is eagerly awaited. The fact that Fahriye Evcen was the female lead in the first season was also effective in the fact that the series was talked about a lot and the viewing figures were very good. However, in the second season, Fahriye Evcen did not want to continue with the team.

In order to strengthen the story in the new season of the Alparslan series, both Öykü Gürman with the character of Öke Hatun and Kayra Zabcı with the character of Seferiye Hatun were included in the cast. Since these two female characters took part with strong characters in the Alparslan series, there was a big change in the appearance of the series.

Stating that Öke Hatun’s character is a strong personality and that it coincides with her own personality, Öykü Gürman explained her happiness to be a part of such a production with these words: “She is a very strong character. In that respect, I find it very close to myself. Action is what I’m most excited about and the reason I want this job so much. Because I got acquainted with equestrian sport on the occasion of the TV series.”

After the departure of Fahriye Evcen in the Alparslan series, the choice of Kayra Zabcı, who is young and has little experience, as the partner of Barış Arduç, surprised everyone. However, when the first episode of the new season was broadcast and it was seen that the actress carried the character of Seferiye Hatun well, the worries disappeared.

Despite her young age, Kayra Zabcı entered a very important period in her career, both in a very important TRT TV series and as a partner with one of the most popular male actors of the last period, such as Barış Arduç.

The actress said, “We have been working for a very long time. I worked all summer. I worked all summer long as horses, arrows and swords are very important for my character. Let’s see how it will turn out,” she said.

The participation of two female actors in the Alparslan series with both assertive and confident female characters also revealed a significant difference in the reflection of the series on the screen.

The strength of the female characters also impressed the audience and increased the power of the story. Reflecting the role and importance of women in the Turkish nation in the Alparslan series in this way was a move that won the admiration of the audience.

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