Artists News Öykü Gürman continued her acting journey with a love-filled, romantic movie!

Öykü Gürman continued her acting journey with a love-filled, romantic movie!


Singer Öykü Gürman demonstrated her talents in acting, especially with the character of Asiye in the TV series Sen Anlat Karadeniz. Öykü Gürman, who took part in various projects in the following period, last appeared on the sets once again in 2022 with the character of Öke Hatun in the Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu series.

Öykü Gürman, who has been focusing on her singing activities for a while, lastly appeared in the movie Grabuna, starring alongside Hakan Akgün.

Produced by Çekirdek Yapım the cast of the film directed by Tolga Savu and undertaken by Alper Aksoy; Names such as Bahtiyar Engin, Kaan Yılmaz, Mehtap Bayri, Ramiz Mullamusa, Ergin Kılıkçıer and Özlem Gezgin also took part.

The premiere of the movie Grabuna took place at Torunlar Center.

Öykü Gürman, who said that he enjoyed acting very much at the Gala, said the following about the movie and the character of İpek she played in the movie:

“It was a script that excited me when I first read it. I was very interested in the fact that the character I played, İpek, was a very naive, loving and romantic girl, and that the film was a period film. Because I love the purity of period films.”

Saying that acting is an incomplete path, Öykü Gürman said: “You always learn something different on every set. This movie added a lot to me. “Cinema is a very magical place, I hope we can leave a mark on cinema with this film” she said.

Stating that her husband Fatih İçmeli is always with her, the famous actress expressed her feelings with the following words: “Fatih is always my supporter. If I’m happy, he’s happy too. He knows how important this movie is to me. “I am very happy to have him with me.”

Gürman stated that the script and the film were a surprise to her husband, and when asked whether it is difficult to be the wife of an artist, her husband Fatih İçmeli replied, “Story is not a difficult person at all, we get along very well.”