Series News Obligatory separation from the Alparslan series, for which Öykü Gürman was appreciated!

Obligatory separation from the Alparslan series, for which Öykü Gürman was appreciated!


Öykü Gürman, who continues to be on the agenda as both a singer and an actress, became one of the influential names who joined the cast of the Alparslan Great Seljuk series in the second season.

Öykü Gürman, who has put forward a successful performance in the set program of the series, which has been intense since the beginning of the season, left behind another very successful job in the acting profession, which she stepped into with the series Sen Anlat Karadeniz years ago.

Öykü Gürman, who appeared in front of the audience as Öke Hatun, the wife of İbrahim Yılan character in the Alparslan series, had a successful process despite giving life to someone very different from the roles she played so far in a historical TV series.

For Gürman, who had a good rapport with Uygar Özçelik, who played the character of İbrahim Yınal, the Alparslan series process ended.

With the death of İbrahim Yınal’s character, the balances in the Alparslan series have changed. The character of Öke Hatun has no place in these new changing balances.

Öykü Gürman, who showed her excitement and determination in her statements about the series, had a very different experience period in which she took part in difficult scenes. In this process, Gürman, who received praise from the team for her discipline, ended another series of acting.

It should not be surprising if Gürman, who will continue to take part in the stage as a singer and excite her fans with her music, takes part in various TV series in the future as well in new projects.

The Alparslan series seems to be at an important point in her career as an achievement, at least for the actress, with the training she received on horse riding, arrow shooting and fighting scenes.

Apart from Uygar Özçelik and Öykü Gürman, among those who left the cast of the series; It was reported in the press that there are names such as Umut Karadağ, Erdinç, Gülener, Barış Bağcı and Devrim Saltoğlu.