The ratings of the Tuzak series are low, but it means a lot to Bensu Soral!
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3 February 2023 16:22


The ratings of the Tuzak series are low, but it means a lot to Bensu Soral!

Famous actress Bensu Soral is pleased that she has returned to the screen with the tv8 series Tuzak (Trap) and has received great attention from her fans. After the character of Melek in the TV series Inside, which was stuck in the minds of the audience in 2018, the actress did not like the project for a long time.

In addition to the short duration of the series Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceilings) last season, there was a period in which Bensu Soral received a lot of criticism about her acting skills.

However, with the Tuzak series, Bensu Soral found herself and showed that she deserved the leading role by carrying the weight of the role well. The fact that Akın Akınözü and Bensu Soral looked like a good TV series couple was a development that pleased the fans.

Although the Tuzak series is not watched much in our country, tv8 seems determined to continue it until the end of the season. This situation pleases foreign TV series fans the most.

Because, a wide audience in many different cultures, who are imprisoned for the story, continue their support abroad. This support has a great share in the continuation of the Tuzak series.

The continuation of the Tuzak series has been an important process for Bensu Soral’s effort to prove herself again. After the criticism she received last year, the young actress started this season with a completely different ambition and excitement.

A good match with Akın Akınözü in the Tuzak TV series resulted in Soral’s good use of the opportunity.

The Tuzak series is perhaps not a widely spoken story in our country, but very positive messages about Bensu Soral are shared on social media.

Fans of the series, who think that the characters of Umut and Ceren suit each other very well, continue to praise the two leading actors by sharing various scenes every day.

It seems that Bensu Soral’s reappearance with this project will offer important opportunities to the actor at the point that the producers will make different offers after the series.

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