Series News The Tuzak and Gecenin Ucunda and now Gülcemal! The Turkish TV series industry must find a new formula for the rating problem!

The Tuzak and Gecenin Ucunda and now Gülcemal! The Turkish TV series industry must find a new formula for the rating problem!


Gülcemal series is broadcast on Fox TV on Thursday evenings and the interest shown in the story from outside Turkey is surprising. You can understand from the performance, which fell below the triple ratings, that it is a production that is not preferred by the TV series fans in the country. In fact, the fact that the ratings for Fox TV have regressed to 2 levels may be an important excuse to make an early final.

However, the great interest shown by the Turkish TV series fans in foreign countries reminds us that another measurement different from the ratings should be taken into account. Many foreign TV series fans started to express that projects such as Gülcemal were broadcast on digital platforms such as Netflix, as well as on television channels in Turkey.

Despite the fact that the company that Fox TV is affiliated with is the Disney Plus platform, foreign series fans also ask why addictive series like Gülcemal are not transferred to the digital environment.

In fact, the weekly TV series produced in Turkey have reached a point that cannot be measured by the ratings based on the tastes of the viewers in Turkey.

However, unfortunately, television channels are dependent on rating rates, and if these rates are not good, advertising revenues are seriously damaged. For this reason, the productions that Turkish TV series fans abroad show great interest in can be canceled when they do not receive sufficient ratings.

There is also the danger of an early finale for the Gülcemal series, starring the duo of Murat Ünalmış and Melis Sezen. However, it is also necessary to see that Fox TV is in a dilemma at this point.

The low ratings in Turkey may cause the channel to suffer from the Gülcemal series. In case of takedown, the hearts of those who watch this series to the degree of addiction will be broken and reactivity will emerge.

Especially in an environment where the interest shown in the Gülcemal series from abroad has increased exponentially, a troublesome situation arises for the channel officials.

In fact, this situation attracted attention not only in the Gülcemal series, but also in the projects of Tuzak (Trap) and Gecenin Ucunda (At the end of the Night), which were in a similar situation before. It reveals that the Turkish television industry needs to start a process that will somehow involve the fans of TV series abroad, establish joint platforms with broadcasters in foreign countries and broadcast the series on a weekly basis in many countries at the same time.

A process such as re-evaluating the ratings not only in Turkey but also in other countries broadcasting the series and the total revenues obtained seems logical. Of course, it is not known how this is done, but the world is small and there is no such thing as because some TV series did not catch on in Turkey, it will not hold abroad.