Series News Everyone is asking about Engin’s murderer in the Yargı series, but beware of Laçin’s state!

Everyone is asking about Engin’s murderer in the Yargı series, but beware of Laçin’s state!

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The Yargı series, broadcast on Kanal D screens on Sunday evenings, has been on the screen with 16 episodes so far. The 17th episode, which will be released this week, is eagerly awaited. Because after the death of Engin, the ‘villain’ of the series, a big question mark remained: Who is the murderer?

The audience did not see the possibility that Ceylin had shot Engin as much as Ilgaz! Those who followed the series closely understood that there was a job in this business from the small signs! However, in the 16th episode, it was clearly revealed that the murderer was someone else, as Ceylin went to the scene and began to remember what she had experienced.

So who was it? It was already determined in the forensic medicine report that a person hit Ceylin’s head. When Ceylin remembered those moments, she also remembered that she had been kicked in the stomach and then saw Engin looking at her while she was lying on the floor, and seeing a person bent over her!

Moreover, it turned out that this person was a woman, that he had seen Engin’s hair while bending over him, and even heard the smell of his shampoo. From this point on, it was understood that many confusing clues and different characters were attached!

Screenwriter Sema Ergenekon had placed many possibilities in the script with subtle hints! Careful viewers follow these clues and think that one of Neva, Laçin, Seda may have committed the murder.

Many viewers were stuck with the scene at the end of episode 16! Because, when Laçin’s driver, who confronted Ceylin’s mother Gul, stopped the vehicle at the seaside, another clue emerged that left a question mark in the minds. Getting out of the car, Laçin took out a lighter and a cigarette holder from his pocket. It was known that the murderer or instigator smoked many cigarettes in a row in front of the house close to the crime scene. There was no DNA found in these cigarettes, they probably belonged to someone who used a mouthpiece, and this clue pointed to Laçin!

It is not known whether this is a small surprise or a game by Yekta, but it has been clearly learned that Laçin has a relationship with his driver.

The 16th episode was very confusing, many predictions flew in the air on social media. One way or another, we’ll find out soon enough. The question marks will also be gone. However, in the 16th episode, there is a short scene where the audience does not talk much because it focuses on the murderer, which was a very special scene that made the two master actors gigantic!

First of all, Nilgün Türksever, who gave life to Zeyno Eracar and Laçin, who played the character of Gül, so beautifully reflected the desperate cries of two mothers who lost their children for whatever reason or form, that this scene was a scene that fell into the heart of the audience!

Sema Ergenekon, again with her pen speaking, described the common feelings of the mother of two children, one of whom was a murderer and a victim, in this confrontation scene in the series Judgment, with such beautiful sentences that it revealed that Gül and Laçin were actually victims of the events!

When Gul, mother of the murdered İnci, learned that Engin was the murderer, she went to their house and threw a shroud in front of Laçin! After Engin died, Laçin understood much better what Gul actually went through. Leaving aside everything that has happened, this time Laçin went to Gül’s door as just a mother, a woman who lost her child.

The meeting of the two grieving mothers, the feelings expressed and the scene where they hugged in tears were so realistic that the masters once again showed their mastery…

Laçin was telling Gul: “I will ask one thing. Are you happy? You said you didn’t taste it, I tasted it. See, you said what pain is, I saw it. I am looking for the smell in the rooms. I don’t take off your slippers. T-shirt inside. All lies. It’s like I’m chasing after the crumbs left behind. I collect but my hands are empty. Only pain, tears in my palm. I’m asking you now. He’s dead, son. Are you happy with the shroud you brought? We are equal now. There is neither. Who won? Who lost? Are you happy?”

No one could understand Laçin, who was tearful and devastated, speaking with sobs, better than Gul! Both of them were completely innocent in the events that took place. They were just mothers. It didn’t matter who the victim or the murderer was in that scene!

Gul expressed that she understood Laçin in the face of these words that he said with pain from the middle of his heart, and hugged him with crying! “When a person’s heart is burning, he does not know where to get his pain. A fire is falling. He wants it to shake every side, every side…”

This scene, in which two mothers who lost their children hug each other while sobbing, was actually one of the unforgettable moments of the series Judgment, even though it fell behind the question of “Who is the murderer?” The possibility that a mother who is so fond of her son, no matter what she has done, is a murderer, seems to be refuted by this scene!

Here is that scene: