Evidence that celebrities follow the Camdaki Kız series closely appeared on Instagram!
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29 November 2022 20:49


Evidence that celebrities follow the Camdaki Kız series closely appeared on Instagram!

Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Glass) series is broadcast on Kanal D on Thursday evenings and continues to impress millions with a deep story presentation and strong emotion transfer every week. The fact that the duo of Burcu Biricik and Cihangir Ceyhan, who are in the lead roles in the series, take part in very effective scenes in the new season, excites the audience.

On the other hand, Enis Arıkan, whom we watch with the character of Muzaffer in the series, has been a source of entertainment with his funnyness on the set, although he plays a serious role in the story. Enis Arıkan, who shared the set situations from his Instagram account from time to time, once again managed to surprise his fans.

Nur Sürer, who successfully portrayed Feride İpekoğlu, one of the most shocking characters of the series, blew the minds of millions. Let’s say that the fans of the series are annoyed with the character of Feride and Nur Sürer’s magnificent performance deserves applause.

The characters Muzaffer and Feride are at the center of the story, and the comments on Enis Arıkan’s post also draw attention. The interest in the photo shared with Nur Sürer by the actress friends who follow Arıkan revealed that the series “Camdaki Kız” is also popular among famous names.

Enis Arıkan wrote the following note on the post: “My bright face, may your smiling face never fade.”

Of course, these words were a joke and Nur Sürer couldn’t help but smile, looking at Enis Arıkan with all the anger of Feride’s character.

Famous names such as Songül Öden, Hatice Aslan, Mine Tugay, Eda Ece, Elif Dağdeviren, Saba Tümer, Feri Baycu Güler, Deniz Seki, Sema Şimşek, Emel Sayın left comments on this post with emojis or short expressions.

With the participation of famous names in the sharing, it turned out that the Camdaki Kız series is one of the productions followed by many famous names.

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