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12 August 2022 11:59


Excitement peaked in the Yalnız Kurt series, the release date has been announced!

The trailers of the ATV series named Yalnız Kurt attracted great attention… Since it is a project produced by Osman Sınav, both Deli Yürek and Kurtlar Vadisi fans paid attention to this project…

If we count the TV series “Sen Anlat Karadeniz”, which has left its mark on the last years of Osman Sınav, you can see that all three projects have left very important traces in the history of Turkish TV series. Osman Sınav will now appear in front of the audience with a series that will leave a mark.

The new series, in which the reflections of the events in Turkey’s recent history will be brought together with the audience, claims to bring a different perspective to the inner face of many events that have remained in the dark. Millions of curious viewers arose with the trailers prepared with the impressive voice of Cihan Ünal.

You will watch Damla Colbay, who came to the fore with the Hekimoğlu TV series, as the female lead in the series in which Hasan Denizyaran will play the male lead.

Let’s also mention that ATV made the expected statement for the series, which is wondering when it will be broadcast. The new TV series “Yalnız Kurt” will meet with the audience on Friday evenings. The first episode of Yalnız Kurt will be broadcast on Friday, January 28 at 20:00.

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