Series News Exciting development about The Courtyard tv series

Exciting development about The Courtyard tv series


There was a confusing development about The Courtyard series, which started airing on Star TV in the 2018 season and said goodbye to its 44th episode after two seasons. In fact, a season finale was not shot for the series and it was expected to continue in the next season.

However, despite the persistent follow-up of the audience, there was no development other than the news that it was going to be published on the digital platform. The news that it would be re-shot appeared in the media, and even the actors not playing in another project for a while created the perception that the series will be re-shot.

The Courtyard was a remarkable series that made a tremendous impact during the period when Demet Evgar, Ceren Moray, Nursel Köse, Kenan Ece, Ayça Damgacı starred and was published. It was about the harsh, cruel and emotional lives of women struggling to survive in a prison.

The character of Deniz, played by Demet Evgar with her performance, which was greatly appreciated by the audience in every episode, turned into a phenomenon on the screen. Likewise, Ceren Moray, who gave life to the character of Azra with her successful acting, and Nursel Köse, who played the character of Kudret, were also spoken with their remarkable and applauded acting performances.

The followers of the series produced by Limon Film and directed by Yüksel Aksu and Hülya Gezer waited in the hope that the series, which was not heard for a long time, will be filmed again, but no news has been received from the series for about a year. Meanwhile, hopes were lost when the actors started to play in other series.

Ceren Moray comes to the screens with The Teacher series. Demet Evgar also takes the lead role in Show TV’s Flames of Fate, which will be broadcast on the evening of November 5th this week.

However, a development about the series really confused them. It was on the agenda that The Courtyard series would be re-shot for Netflix when the broadcast on Star TV was finalized. But for a long time, there was no development in this regard and the actors started to play in other series.

However, while a post made by Journalist Birsen Altuntaş on her twitter account attracted attention to The Courtyard series again, a surprising information was given. It is stated that the release of the new episodes of the series on a digital platform is on the agenda.

Will The Courtyard series be re-shot? Will the players change? Demet Evgar takes a role in the Flames of Fate series. Ceren Moray’s The Teacher series is about to make the final …

This explanation raises many questions. In the following days, we will share with you when more detailed information is available, but even this development is a news that will make the audience happy with the possibility that The Courtyard series is still not forgotten and will be re-shot somehow.