Artists News Ceren Yılmaz relieves stress after TV series works

Ceren Yılmaz relieves stress after TV series works


Famous actress Ceren Yılmaz gives life to the character of Zümrüt in the TV series The Zümrüdüanka. The actress managed to get in the eyes of her fans with her performance in the series. However, it received great criticism in the first episodes. At that time, the actress, who kept her calm and put aside the criticism and gave herself to her role, finally managed to win the hearts of the audience.

Ceren Yılmaz wanted to play Zümrüt because she was a character she could show off. They became a good couple with Alp Navruz. On the set, there is an intense working tempo. She spends most of her time in Cappadocia. Ceren Yılmaz, who was riding and making sculptures during the remaining times from the set, said that this relaxed her.

Stating that horseback riding gives her great peace, the actress explained that it is like water in 1 hour and that horse riding is a very good sport for her in every sense.

Speaking about the sculpture and ceramic hobby, Ceren Yılmaz said: “I draw what I want to do in sculpture beforehand. I have a sculpture teacher here, I get her to approve. Then I transform it into a sculpture in 3 dimensions. Then we turn it into ceramic, we bake it. Sculpture and ceramics are something new to my life. I was always drawing. ”

Explaining that she achieved this with the talent exam while entering the university, Ceren Yılmaz stated that the sculpture was a very different experience for her. The actress, who uses the expression “touching the mud takes all the stress of a person”, said that after working 15 hours a day, she could get rid of all the stress on her by sculpting for 1 hour.