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22 May 2022 23:38


The friend pain of Ceren Yılmaz, who caught the fame with the Zümrüdüanka series!..

Ceren Yılmaz, one of the prominent actresses of the last period, was shaken by the loss of a close friend.

Ceren Yılmaz took part in many TV series such as Yağmurdan Kaçarken, Filinta, Deli Gönül, but the beautiful actress made her main debut with the Zümrüdüanka series broadcast on Fox TV. The actress set a throne in the hearts with the character of “Zümrüt”, which she portrayed in the TV series Zümrüdüanka, in which he shared the lead role with Alp Navruz.

Ceren Yılmaz, who did not take part in a new project after Zümrüdüanka made the final in early 2021, has been longing with her fans on social media for a while.

The last share of the actress upset her followers. Sharing her photo with a friend, Ceren Yılmaz shared her sadness with her fans, saying that her friend died and she still couldn’t believe it.

Ceren Yılmaz shared the images of her holiday in Dubai with her friend Dasha Markovska, expressing that she was shaken by the loss of her friend at a young age.

The beautiful actress, who shared her fun moments from her vacation with her lost friend, with her followers on her Instagram account, remembered her friend by saying, “I will miss you very much”.

The actress, who often enchants her fans with her shares and beauty on social media, upset her fans who miss seeing her on the screen with these shares.

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