Zümrüdüanka's Suhandan paved the way for Pelin Abay!
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26 November 2022 18:53


Zümrüdüanka’s Suhandan paved the way for Pelin Abay!

The name Pelin Abay was first heard by the audience in 2018 in the TV series Gülizar. The actress, who played the character of Fatoş, attracted attention with her 8-episode performance. Abay, who is very short in the story as Handan in Vatanım Sensin, also appeared in the Atiye series.

Born on June 7, 1993 in Istanbul, the actress graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department. Abay, who developed herself by taking part in TV series projects in addition to her theater works, made her real debut with the series Zümrüdüanka.

Pelin Abay, who was on the same set with Alp Navruz and Ceren Yılmaz in the Fox TV series shot in Cappadocia, made a name for herself in a short time by exhibiting herself, with the luck of being a remarkable side character. With the prominence of Suhandan and Hamit’s love in the Zümrüdüanka series, the name of Pelin Abay became even more popular and the young actress attracted the attention of millions of viewers in a short time.

For Pelin Abay, the series Zümrüdüanka became a great success, increased her experience and made a strong debut for future projects. Afterwards, Pelin Abay, who performed her first lead role in the TRT1 series called Dünya Hali, will appear in front of her fans with her new role on Wednesday, July 28.

This production is an important test for Pelin Abay, who had the chance to star in the new series of TRT1 with Caner Şahin. Abay will have the opportunity to showcase her talents with the new character she will portray. For Abay, the Dünya Hali series was an important test and an important opportunity to further her career in the future.

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