Series News Remarkable suggestion for the Dünya Hali series, which was decided to be final!

Remarkable suggestion for the Dünya Hali series, which was decided to be final!

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TRT1 occasionally opens its screen to absurd comedy productions, and it is a good opportunity for those who like this type of series. TRT1, which has been in this field with the TV series Dünya Hali for this season, has also included projects called Tövbeler Olsun and Tutunamayanlar in the past seasons.

Dünya Hali also participated in such productions, which followed the footsteps of Leyla ile Mecnun, which was broadcast 10 years ago, but the ratings came far below expectations. Since this situation is not a sustainable situation for TRT1, it was decided to finalize the World State series as of the 20th episode.

There is a group of viewers who want the show to continue. But on the television screen and among drama productions, the absurd comedy series doesn’t have much of a chance. That’s why there is a suggestion to continue the production on digital platforms.

Sina Koloğlu, one of the writers of Milliyet, made an evaluation for the series starring Pelin Abay and Caner Şahin, and used the following statements:

“When we look at the audience profile, it was not possible to find a place in the world, the majority of which was ‘the audience watching the drama series’. The finale was inevitable when the state of the audience’s taste was added on top of the distress in itself. But one suggestion; It may be possible to evaluate this series on ‘platforms’.”

The Dünya Hali series will end on the TRT1 screen, so does a digital platform want to broadcast the series?

Maybe Dünya Hali fans would be very happy about such a situation, but at the moment, this is nothing more than a suggestion and a wish.