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22 May 2022 01:55


The Dünya Hali is ending, but instead of it, the 112 Acil Çağrı begins, like a very effective series!

We can say that the only TV show that hasn’t been loved on TRT1 screens this season is Dünya Hali. Pelin Abay and Caner Şahin took the lead roles in the absurd comedy series. On TRT1, a very different program awaits the audience.

This program called 112 Acil Çağrı will greatly affect the audience. Responses to emergency calls and the program that will reenact what happened at the scene will take the audience’s breath away every Wednesday evening, like a TV series.

The program called 112 Acil Çağrı, which is TRT1’s big surprise in the new season, will reflect different stories in each episode, just like serials.

The program, which will reflect the emotional moments of the operators in the 112 Emergency Call Center, as well as the way they respond to the events, will appear in front of the audience with the appearance of a series, but with animations from real events.

The program will be in front of the audience with its first episode on TRT1 on Wednesday, December 22. The program will be hosted by the famous actor Murat Serezli.

While the reports of strange and smiling calls coming to the emergency call centers reveal the different aspects of the program, it will also be highlighted how the invisible heroes try to help people with a high motivation.

The views of the emergency call operators about their profession and the shift they are going through, the emotional moments they experience, the difficult and interesting aspects of their jobs will also be shared with the audience in the program.

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