While a series ends on Star TV, a new series begins on Fox TV!
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28 January 2023 22:51


While a series ends on Star TV, a new series begins on Fox TV!

The world of TV series is very active. As well as the excitement of the new series projects, the audience is sadly following the finals one after the other.

On Tuesday, December 14, there are audiences who will say goodbye to Star TV and experience the excitement of Fox TV’s new series. Sana Söz, starring Nehir Erdoğan and Erkan Petekkaya, will be on the screen for the last time with its seventh episode.

The low ratings lie behind the departure of the detective series, which started with high hopes, so early. In addition, there is a thought that Erkan Petekkaya’s health problems were also effective in the completion of the project… Sana Söz was a production that could make a great debut, but the audience did not show interest.

While the fans of the series will experience sadness on Star TV, there will be great excitement on Fox TV… The series called Mahkum begins. Adapted from the South Korean TV series Innocent Defendant, Mahkum attracted great attention with its trailers.

Starring Onur Tuna, Seray Kaya, İsmail Hacıoğlu and Melike İpek Yalova, the series has a strong story. You will watch what happens to an idealistic prosecutor.

When Prosecutor Fırat Bulut wakes up one day, he finds himself in prison. The prosecutor, accused of murdering his wife and daughter, does not remember what happened. But he will start a great fight to find the real culprits and prove his innocence.

You can watch the first episode of the Mahkum series on Fox TV when the final episode of the TV series named Sana Söz is broadcast on Star TV.

Mahkum will be broadcast with its second episode on Thursday, December 16, and will take its place in the rating competition on Thursdays in the following weeks.

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