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29 May 2022 00:06


The breaking point for the Yargı series has been revealed, everyone will be shocked!

The scenario of the series Yargı is experienced not only by the audience, but also by the actors who are eagerly waiting for the new episodes on the set. In the story where Pınar Deniz takes part with the character of lawyer Ceylin, very important developments will take place.

In the series, where Kaan Urgancıoğlu gave a magnificent performance in the character of Prosecutor Ilgaz, the prominent name of the last weeks was Onur Durmaz in the role of Engin. The intrigues of Engin, the murderer of İnci, surprised everyone. However, there are developments in the story that will cause even greater surprise in the new chapter.

For the series of Yargı, a situation that can be called the breaking point emerges. Those who saw Ceylin in the last of the episode aired on Sunday night realized that the new episode, which will be broadcast on Sunday evening, December 19, will be a big breaking point.

Ceylin is killing someone and who this person is will be revealed in the new episode. It is very likely that the person Ceylin killed was Engin. There are various backstage information in this direction. Journalist Birsen Altuntaş also shared one of these backstage information and claimed that the person Ceylin killed was Engin.

Ceylin will be thrown to a completely different point in the 14th episode of the series, whose script was written by Sema Ergenekon. Engin’s death also means the end of one period in the story and the beginning of another.

Onur Durmaz’s successful Engin performance will always be remembered, but with this separation, the audience will follow with great excitement where the Yargı series will be thrown.

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