Artists News The TV series in which Miray Akay plays a role also reveals how lucky she is!

The TV series in which Miray Akay plays a role also reveals how lucky she is!


Those who follow the TV series and movies have heard the name Miray Akay for more than ten years. Born in Ukraine in 2020, the young actor has started to appear on the sets of TV series and movies since childhood.

Miray Akay, who started theater in high school and received a good acting education, has appeared in front of the camera with commercials since the age of 3. Miray Akay, who then took part in different and memorable TV series projects, is only 22 years old and has very important projects in her career.

The young actress, who has attracted attention since 2010 with the series of Bitmeyen Şarkı (Endless Song), was also remembered with the character of Duru in the series 20 Dakika (20 Minutes). Miray Akay, who has increased her experience by taking roles in popular projects such as Benim Adım Gültepe, Güneşin Kızları, Dayan Yüreğim, has come to the fore in recent years with the characters Zeynep in Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) and Meliha in the Zümrüdüanka series.

Miray Akay, who continued to appear on the screen in the previous season with the Pembe character in Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs (Once Upon a Time in Cyprus,) will be on the TV sets again after a 1-year hiatus.

Miray Akay, who will also reflect the youthful energy, will also be present in Star TV’s series Ah Nerede, which is highly anticipated and entrusted to young names, such as Oktay Çubuk, Nil Keser, Ahsen Türkyılmaz, Korhan Herduran, Batuhan Sert and Asena Keskinci.

The young actress, with the character of Seray, who we will be watching in the TV series Ah Nerede, has always taken part in strong productions, and this has been a great chance for her career.

In this sense, we can say that the TV series Ah Nerede is a good chance for Miray Akay and that she can stand out again among young actors.

The movies in which the actress took part were also talked about. Miray Akay, who shared the Best Actress award at the 2014 Frankfurt Turkish Film Festival with Jale Arıkan, especially for her performance in Sarıkamış 1915 films, is a name that does justice to her role with her effective performance.