The Ah Nerede series has a hard time meeting expectations, but according to many, it's not what it deserves!
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30 September 2022 13:06


The Ah Nerede series has a hard time meeting expectations, but according to many, it’s not what it deserves!

The ratings of the TV series Ah Nerede, which is broadcast on Star TV on Friday evenings, seem a little lower when compared to other summer series. Ah Nerede, which received lower ratings than many summer dramas, aired on Friday with its fourth episode.

The loyal followers of Ah Nerede, which won the fourth place in the all people category and ninth in the AB and ABC1 categories, think that this situation does not have the right of the series. The series, in which Oktay Çubuk and Nil Keser are in the lead roles, has a large audience that is imprisoned by the entertaining story. Ah Nerede, which can also make effective debuts on social media, was talked about a lot because of the film version shot in 1975.

Both the intriguing story, the fact that it is one of the entertaining series on the screen, and the coming together of a good cast were the details that brought Ah Nerede to the fore. However, the fact that the rating results of the series continue to be below expectations seems to be a big handicap.

In the comments reflected on the social media, the evaluations that Ah Nerede does not deserve these low ratings come to the fore.

For many viewers, these ratings are deceptive and far less than deserved. The viewers, who also think about the possibility of making an early finale due to the low ratings, are very afraid of this situation.

As a beautiful, sympathetic and entertaining series of the summer period, Ah Nerede was a production that comforted the audience. However, if the ratings go up a little bit, it will make it a stronger production.

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