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20 August 2022 05:12


Eda Ece, who got married 9 times in the series, has no dreams left!

Famous actress Eda Ece continues to attract attention with her star character in the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series, which has been going on for five seasons. Thanks to this character, the actress, who made a very strong debut in her career, will take her place in the same production in the sixth season.

The Yasak Elma series will be on the air with its final season, and the sixth season, which is expected to start in October, is planned to be completed at the end of May and the series finale. Eda Ece also announced that Şevval Sam, who has been involved in the project since the very beginning, will continue.

The actress, who was also talked about with basketball player Buğrahan Tuncer in the magazine’s agenda, stopped following her Instagram account from time to time when she got angry with her boyfriend. But it won’t do that anymore.

Because when she unfollowed her lover’s account, separation allegations are raised. Since Eda Ece does not want to come to the fore in the press in this way, she will no longer unfollow her account when she gets angry with her lover.

The famous actress also said that she has no dreams of marriage. Connecting this to the marriage scenes in the TV series, the actress said, “If I had a dream wedding, I would. I got married 9 times in TV series. I have no dreams. The players are fed. I have a child, you know, Halitcan,” she said.

Along with these words, Eda Ece answered the debates in the press about whether they would marry her lover Buğrahan Tuncer or not, with a humorous language.

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