Artists News Exemplary behavior from actor Ozan Dolunay!

Exemplary behavior from actor Ozan Dolunay!


Famous actor Ozan Dolunay decided to come to SMA patients in order to make his birthday, which is May 2, meaningful.

Actor; “Hello everyone, May 2 is my birthday. I’ve decided to make this day more meaningful as part of a fundraiser for our children with SMA. Give me a gift and donate via platform.

You can find the campaign link in my bio. Thank you very much in advance for your support. Good luck to you,” he asked for support from his fans in his Instagram post.

Born in Ankara on May 2, 1990, the actor started taking acting training while he was studying at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Koç University after completing his secondary education.

Ozan Dolunay, who stepped on the stage for the first time with the play Killology, was nominated for the “Best Young Talent” for the Afife Jale Awards and the Outstanding Akmen Awards, and won the Outstanding Akmen Award.

The actor, who came to the screens with the TV series Misafir (Guest), which was broadcast on Fox TV, became a partner with Ahsen Eroğlu in his latest project, Merve Kült.

Fans who saw two bright actors of the last period Ahsen Eroğlu and Ozan Dolunay together in the shares made from the set of the movie Merve Kult, shot by O3 Medya for Netflix, made the duo very similar.