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6 July 2022 03:26


Experienced names have joined the cast of the TV series İçimizden Biri, starring Özge Yağız and Bora Akkaş!

Preparations for the new series, İçimizden Biri, continue… After the series finale Kuzey Yıldızı, which caused a storm of comedy on screen for two seasons, director Ersoy Güler began work on the new project.

The process of incorporating new actors to the series' crew, which will be filmed in Marmaris, continues. In early August, İçimizden Biri's team will meet to begin filming the series.

As the script also belongs to Ersoy Güler, the series is expected to be one of the productions with a successful performance on screen. The emergence of two young names like Özge Yağız and Bora Akkaş as a new couple in the series is another point of attraction.

More recently, Bora Akkaş brought the character Hakan İncekara to life in the Blu TV Yeşilcam project. Özge Yağız appeared in front of audiences as Serra in the Star TV series Sol Yanim. İçimizden Biri was one of the outstanding productions of the new season and it was seen that a good team was formed with the experienced names joining the cast.

Benian Dönmez, Renan Bilek, Derya Alabora and Mustafa Avkıran are among the major names in the series. Now two new names have been added to these actors. According to backstage information from journalist Birsen Altuntaş, Asuman Dabak and Deniz Cengiz made a deal for the series.

Asuman Dabak, who has a place in mind with his many projects, last appeared in the TV series Tutunamayanlar in 2020. Let's also mention that Bora Akkaş is in the same series and the two names meet in the new series.

Deniz Cengiz, who brought the character İlayda Çıkrıkçıoğlu to life in the comedy series Jet Sosyete and is known to the masses thanks to this role, is also back on the series' sets after a 1-year hiatus.

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