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Who is Gülçin Santırcıoğlu? Where is she from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Gülçin Santırcıoğlu was born on July 25, 1977 in İzmir. Turkish TV series, film actress and musician.

Name: Gülçin Santırcıoğlu
Date of Birth: July 25, 1977
Place of Birth: Izmir
Height: 1.70 m.
Weight: 65 kilos
Sign: Leo
Eye Color: Light Brown
Mother: Selime Santırcıoğlu
Father: İbrahim Santırcıoğlu
Spouse: Utku Başyazıcı

Family: Married to Utku Başyazıcı, she says in her interviews that she does not plan to have children. “We are a family of two. We are very happy. My wife and I do not plan to have children. Sometimes there are times when we get a reaction because we don’t want children, this situation seems strange to people. I don’t like to talk big, but we don’t have that thought right now.”

Education life: Graduated from Dokuz Eylül University Conservatory Performing Arts Opera Singing Department. Along with her acting career, she worked as a soloist in various groups and as a voice teacher at the Ruhi Su Culture and Art Foundation.

The turning point of her career: In 2005, the movie “Deriv”, in which he had her first acting experience, was the turning point of her career. “I was incredibly motivated when I was given the ‘Promising Actress’ award after my role in Türev. Then, I acted in ‘Egg’, ‘There is Democracy in the Country’ and ‘Krimli’.”

First step into acting: She made her television adventure in 2005 with the movie Türev.

Which project did it shine with? She was engraved in the memories with the character of “Hatice” she played in the TV series “Elveda Rumeli”.

Personality traits: Concerned, responsible, conscientious. “I am conscientious. I can smell the blood of war on the other side, far away. I am aware that there will be no such thing as ‘Peace in the world, remove the borders’. I don’t want to waste the only life given to me with that dream. I try to have a calm character. I can become pessimistic and fall into pessimism all of a sudden. My friends say I’m a good friend. I attach great importance to family. I try to understand and listen to people. I like to share.”

Mindset: Fame doesn’t affect your life. “I am not impressed by being recognized. I live really simply. I am someone who maintains old friendships. I am someone who cares about family life. I am not a person who likes to stand in situations where I am uneasy. I meet people who are really constructive, happy and who want my well-being. I never hesitate to cut people out of my life. I do the cleaning every now and then. I don’t like standing next to people who don’t teach me anything anymore.”

First feature film: Ulaş İnaç / Türev

Her outlook on life: She doesn’t like to live hectic. “Without haste, I would like to be away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul. While working, I am already racing against time. I don’t want to be stressed when I’m at home.”

Her outlook on business life: She wanted to study performing arts and learn music, so she studied opera. “I received both basic stage education, theater education, and opera education. Glad I got that training. Over time, I guess I got a little tired of dealing with people, not music. Farewell, I had students from the Ruhi Su Friends Choir for three years before I started Rumeli; I was giving singing lessons. I have formed or joined many groups. I took the stage at the Maiden’s Tower and in places such as Algiers Street. I sang serial songs. It was a livelihood for me. Singing gave me the luxury of not acting in TV series. You can’t talk big though, because when you watch a job you think is good, it can be disappointing. However, I would rather be in a state-employed place that I don’t like, and instead of being broke and accepting television jobs that I don’t like, I would choose between the two bad ones. While preparing for the role, I take on the character, but I do not believe in the part of not being able to come out. It’s a job. It just takes some reflection, relaxation, solitude, focus to get out of the character after the scene is over.”

Career plan: Her biggest love is cinema. She also likes to be on the theater stage, but the cinema has a special place for her. “I took basic stage lessons in opera. Maybe because of that exaggeration in the opera, I got a little cold from the theater. I do not have a point about my acting. You can put me in the ‘happy gamers category’. I’m competing with myself. As long as I don’t like myself, what would the world say if they knew me! As long as I do my job properly, I am happy. In our business, there is no such thing as “I played the most beautiful scene, I sang the most beautiful song, it’s over”. For this reason, it is important for me to struggle with small roles, to do good works, and to continue, instead of setting goals and carrying them with unhappiness. Because no role is a lifetime guarantee of happiness and success.”

Future Dream: She wants to continue her profession in a healthy way. “It is a great blessing to be happy with one’s family and to do the job that one loves. I am a happy person. I can’t spare time for the theater because of the series, but I want to do it very much. There are friends who run both, it’s a very self-sacrificing job. There are also friends who have never been on TV, I respect all of them. I couldn’t do that, but there will be a period when I will concentrate completely on the stage. I also love to sing, I took part in my friends’ albums. But I can’t find time to concentrate on music. If I can create that environment, I will do something.”

Biggest passion: Music. “Singing is not something that can be let go. It’s like a doctorate. You can’t say ‘I quit the doctor’ when someone is having a heart attack. I chose opera because I wanted to take stage education. I know music, I know notes, I am conscious of the limits of my voice. The album is not out of my music life just because there is no stage. I can’t give time because of the intensity.”

Concerns: It follows the country’s agenda closely, and finds violence against women in particular worrying. From the murders of women to the Soma disaster, I get very stuck and devastated. Even if one is subjected to violence and harassment, it is still very difficult even if one lives in a social class where they can express it more easily. The system is corrupt from the start. If it is mentioned, the woman is killed for bringing it. This issue should be fixed with serious laws. Women must be educated first. Women need to know the difference between being owned and being owned. There are women who say, ‘I like the macho man’. What we understand by love should not be to be beaten. Penalties should be increased. Whoever hits a woman should be given a life sentence. Violence against women has become legitimate in this country. When the man kills the woman, she becomes famous rather than the murderer. If we undermine the theatre, ballet or opera, it will be difficult for us to prevent this violence. But we should never lose hope. I try to be present as much as I can in social responsibility projects that I believe in sincerity.”

How does it keep its shape? She was overweight for a period and lost nearly 20 kilos. “First of all, I took care of my diet. I started having breakfast, drank plenty of water and green tea, did not eat packaged products, cut pastries. It went away on its own in 6-7 months, I returned to my normal weight. I think it was a situation related to the relaxation of the head, the lightening of the burdens on your back, and being a little happy. Those kilos were not mine.”

What does she do at home? She likes to be at home when she’s not working. “I cook my own food. I don’t know why, but you can’t see an open TV in my house. A movie can turn in a low voice. And surely the music plays in my house. I listen to quiet things. My home is my pen. I try not to reflect the tempo outside to my home. I am unemployed at home.”


2021- Andropoz

2019/2020 – Hercai / Sultan Aslanbey

2018 – Nefes Nefese/ Sultan Akmeşe

2016/2018- Diriliş: Ertuğrul/ Çolpan Hatun

2017 – Babamın Günahları

2016 – Oyunbozan / Mine

2015 – Yeni Hayat / Şirin

2015 – Kara Ekmek / Pervin

2013 – Osmanlı Tokadı / Asuman

2012-2013 – Böyle Bitmesin

2011/2012 – Bir Çocuk Sevdim / Sebahat

2010 – Sensiz Yaşayamam / Şahika

2010 – Doktorlar / Tuba

2007/2008 – Elveda Rumeli / Hatice

2006 – Gülpare / Neslihan Güldemir

2004 – Aynalar


2021- Azizler/ Vildan

2015- Yeni Hayat/ Şirin (TV Movie)

2014 – Kırımlı / Anette

2010 – Memlekette Demokrasi Var / Huriye

2010- Ev/ Tülin

2008- Doğum/ Aylin (Short Film)

2008 – İki Çizgi / Selin

2007 – Yumurta / Gül

2005 -Phone Call from Imaginary Girlfriends: Istanbul / Woman (Short Film)

2005 – Türev / Süreyya


2006 – 13. ÇASOD En İyi Oyuncu Ödülleri / Promising Actress / Türev

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