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7 July 2022 04:00


Families will question themselves in the new series of Canan Ergüder, which adds depth to the characters!

Famous actress Canan Ergüder gave life to the character of Feris in the TV series Menajerimi Ara, where she performed successfully in 2021. However, the actress, who had to leave the series due to breast cancer, had a long treatment process.

After beating cancer, Canan Ergüder decided to return to TV series sets. The fans of the master actress are also excited to watch her on the screen again. The TV series “Oğlum” will begin on Wednesday, February 9th. Together with Canan Ergüder; Songül Öden, Nihal Yalçın, Serhat Teoman, Timur Acar and Feyyaz Duman met in the cast of the series. The actress, who had to shave her hair while she was being treated for cancer, will also draw attention with her new image in her new series.

This series of influential actors will question adults’ approaches to children. Oğlum, which gives the message that she will not be a criminal child, but a child driven into crime, will be a drama-laden production.

Those who remember Canan Ergüder’s impressive roles so far are also eagerly awaiting the date of February 9. After nearly a year, Ergüder will meet her fans again on the television screen, this time with a different character. Noticing the detail that the actress portrays each character with a different tone of voice, her fans believe that each of his projects is special.

Anibal Güleroğlu, one of the bloggers at Milliyet, states that Canan Ergüder is an actress who gives successful performances that make the characters feel deep.

Many fans will not miss the opportunity to watch Canan Ergüder, who has established a throne in the hearts of the audience. While talking about the TV series Oğlum, Anibal Güleroğlu drew attention to the following details:

“… We also see that she turns to the question, ‘Does this child have a decent friend? Indeed, how many parents can find the opportunity from the chaos of daily life and deal with their children’s inner world properly?

As if to say, “Does anyone think about the number of children who fall victim to situations that develop from the mistakes of adults… Let’s think, let’s think.”

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