The family keeps Isabella DamlaGüvenilir away from fame
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3 October 2022 17:12


The family keeps Isabella Damla away from fame

4 seasons on Channel 7 screens in Turkey, there are a number of widely followed.

We’re talking about the Elif series.

Isabella Damla, the leading actress in the series, is 8 years old.

Beyond the estimations, the village lives in a town of Istanbul.

She has a modest life with her family.

The Elif series is being watched in 36 countries.

Isabella Damla has a multi-disciplinary life despite being 8 years old.

In the days when the series is not available, she enjoys having breakfast with her mother Yurdagül Güvenilir and her sister Nazlı Güvenilir.

The place where breakfast is made is already famous.

Isabella Damla’s mother Yurdagül, she is taking good care of her daughter.

Mother, “I did not cut my daughter’s natural hayattan, organic feeding, playing in the soil grows. She may be a star, but her mother’s little daughter is still “.

Isabella Damla, who goes to a state school, was credible, and mathematical intelligence helped her to become an eye baby.

Isabella Damla and her mother Yurdagül took part in the episode.

On the video you can find those stages:


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