Artists News Famous actor Barış Falay announced for which scenario he left the holiday and came running to Istanbul!

Famous actor Barış Falay announced for which scenario he left the holiday and came running to Istanbul!

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The talented actor Barış Falay, who did not appear in public after the series Menajerimi Ara, broadcast on Star TV, made its finale, was the guest of the Teke Tek Program with Fatih Altaylı, broadcast on Bloomberg HT.

Barış Falay, who will meet with his fans on the big screen after a long time with the movie Sen Ben Lenin, which will be released tomorrow, made striking statements about the movie in the program.

Falay said, “We are in love with the storytelling itself. When accepting a job, we either fall in love with the role or the script. I was on vacation, it never crossed my mind. We came running to this scenario with all my friends.”.

The film tells the story of two policemen interrogating a town after the statue of Lenin was stolen. In the film, in which Saygın Soysal and Barış Falay portray the two policemen, important names such as Melis Birkan, Serdar Orçin, Salih Kalyoncu, Necip Memili, Binnur Kaya and Hasibe Eren also take roles.

Barış Falay, who said that he was involved with theater for 20 years, also expressed that he missed the stages. Falay; “It took a long time for my name to be known in the industry. It sounds like there are two types of actors in the industry. Those who want to make their own brand and those who want to make their role a brand. I am one of those who want to make my role a brand. I like it.

Some people call me ‘Kerpeten Ali’, some call ‘Harun’. Are there any difficulties in this sector, of course there are.” he said.

Barış Falay, who is married to his colleague Esra Ronabar, also talked about the difficulties of being married to the actress; “Of course it has its challenges. We’re both in a rush. A good story doesn’t come out when individuals don’t trust each other. I think we allocated it well.

We have a 12 year old child. I became a father at 37. We could also consider the second child, but Esra had a major traffic accident. Our 4-5 years passed with the prohibition of children. It’s been a long time, but we don’t know what life will show.” said.