Famous names poured comments on the pregnancy poses of actress Hande Soral
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7 December 2022 17:20


Famous names poured comments on the pregnancy poses of actress Hande Soral

Actress Hande Soral, counting the days to hold her son Ali in her arms, went to the camera and gave beautiful poses.

Hande Soral, who got married to actress İsmail Demirci in 2017, recently went before the lens and announced that she was pregnant with the ultrasound image in her hand.

İsmail Demirci’s hat with the inscription “dad”, who also posted the same pose on his own Instagram account, did not go unnoticed.

Then the couple, who organized a party with their families and close friends, announced the gender of their baby. Publishing these moments on her Instagram account, Hande Soral announced that she would have a son and that they would name him Ali, with the note “Ali Demirci is coming”.

Hande Soral, who was in front of the camera with her stomach on her nose, wore two different dresses, black and white, for the photo shoot.

The actress, who was in front of the lens in the studio, said to her post; It dropped the rating of “This series until Ali is born”.

Thousands of likes and comments came to the sharing of the famous actress in a short time. Like Hande Soral’s sister, Bensu Soral also commented on her sister, “Oh, an angel and another angel”.

Famous actress Hande Soral finally revealed her poses with her white dress. Hande Soral’s husband, İsmail Demirci, commented, “My beauty is mine”.

Many famous names, including Hatice Şendil, Aslıhan Gürbüz, Melike İpek Yalova, Selen Öztürk, Hatice Aslan and Ahu Sungur, made good comments on the photographs.

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