Fans did not like Burak Özçivit's new image
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3 December 2022 13:21


Fans did not like Burak Özçivit’s new image

The second season of The Ottoman series sounds like a bomb… Aside from the new actors who joined the series, the change of the leading actor Burak Özçivit also gives an important message… Bruak Özçivit, who cuts his hair and shares his new image with his short hair in the second season, is extremely pleased with this state.

“Farewell to hair. Towards the days missed”, Burak Özçivit, who shared the moments when his hair was cut from his Instagram account, stated that he liked short hair more. Fahriye Evcen left a comment on this post by her husband and said, “It was always very good, but this is another one,” and stated that she liked her short hair more.

Burak Özçivit also asked his followers about his new image from his Instagram account. “Short hair? – Long hair?” posted the following photo with a question in the form.

An important part of his followers was that he was very good in every way. One follower even expressed his love for Burak Özçivit, saying “Even the bald looks good”.

Thousands of comments came to the share of the famous actor, who has 15.5 million followers. Some followers wished that his image in the Endless Love series would come back. Some fans stated that long hair suits it better.

There were many people who also liked the short hair version, but the majority of those who said that the long hair version was different and looked better …

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