New role excitement of Meriç Aral and Yasemin Allen!
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1 December 2022 07:26


New role excitement of Meriç Aral and Yasemin Allen!

TV series are starting to come to the screens one by one… Names who take their sets by risking their health during the pandemic show great devotion. Fans are looking forward to the projects on screen. Meriç Aral and Yasemin Allen also appear before the audience with new characters.

Meriç Aral is in the series Red Room, which will be broadcast on Friday, September 4. The actress reminded her followers from her Instagram account with her new image. She asked for support for her drama, saying, “If everyone is ready, we’ll start on Friday, September 4”. As it will be remembered, the actress made a career leap with the Eylem character she played in the Oath series.

Yasemin Allen, on the other hand, will soon appear before the audience with her TV series called Good Day Bad Day. The actress, who shares the lead role with Ozan Dolunay and Elçin Sangu in the TV series, is also eagerly awaited by her followers.

There was a lot of support for Yasemin Allen, who shared her latest version on her Instagram account. Her followers express that they are also very curious about the role of the actress to whom she gave compliments in the new series.

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