Series News Fox TV has done it again; Big drama disappointment for Yasemin Allen and Kubilay Aka!

Fox TV has done it again; Big drama disappointment for Yasemin Allen and Kubilay Aka!


Despite the great excitement of the series of soldiers called Dokuz Oğuz, which met with the audience on Saturday evenings on Fox TV, Fox TV officials again chose not to support an ambitious project, using the low ratings as an excuse.

Bringing together Yasemin Allen and Kubilay Aka, the series of Dokuz Oğuz, which is a soldier’s story, attracted the attention of a large audience.

Fox TV, which previously broadcast the series Savaşçı (Warrior) for 5 seasons, aimed to return to those successful days. Süleyman Çobanoğlu, who wrote the script for the Savaşçı series, again aimed to impress millions, this time with the Dokuz Oğuz project.

In addition to the partnership of Yasemin Allen and Kubilay Aka, two ambitious names such as Deniz Işın and Dağhan Külegeç also took part in the cast of the series.

Dokuz Oğuz, which emerged as the heroic story of the Turkish soldier and was expected to impress a very large audience, failed to achieve these completely.

We are not used to low ratings for an action-packed and heroic series, but Dokuz Oğuz failed to meet expectations in this regard. Instead of supporting the projects as usual, Fox TV’s takedown reflex also hit Dokuz Oğuz.

According to the news in the press, it is expected to be on the screen for the last time on Saturday, March 25, with the 6th episode of the series.

Dokuz Oğuz series, the fifth episode of which will be broadcast on Saturday, March 18, will probably make its final next week.

Although the final decision has not been announced by the Fox TV management yet, the information reflected backstage indicated that this option was very strong.

There are expectations that the final will be in the 6th episode in the backstage information that fell to the press.