Artists News Erkan Meriç turned out to be unlucky in the TV series Yazgı, but lucky in love!

Erkan Meriç turned out to be unlucky in the TV series Yazgı, but lucky in love!


Erkan Meriç became one of the names that became popular with daily serials and came to the fore with the love he experienced in these serials. Hazal Subaşı became the partner of the actor, who had a very successful debut in the daily series named Adını Sen Koy.

The couple’s love affair was also talked about a lot at that time, their relationship was kept secret for a while, but it was revealed later.

It was also revealed that the relationship between Hazal Subaşı and Erkan Meriç, who met on the set of the TV series and experienced great popularity with the Adını Sen Koy project, ended in 2019.

The two names, who were on the agenda for a while in the press, took important steps in their acting journey by taking part in different projects in the next period. Erkan Meriç took the leading role in the series Yazgı (Fate), which was broadcast on tv8.

Yazgı, a daily serial, attracted attention especially from the viewers who love romantic love serials abroad. However, due to the fact that the series did not receive very good ratings in the country, the finale took place earlier than expected.

Maybe the Yazgı series is over, but the female lead actress Yağmur Öztürk, who is on the agenda with this series, came to the fore.

Yağmur Öztürk, one of the female lead roles in the TV series Başım Belada (I’m in Trouble), which was broadcast on ATV on Sunday evenings, faced the misfortune of losing this project to the ratings.

However, Yagmur Öztürk gained popularity in her career in the series Yargı, as well as love.

The photos of Yağmur Öztürk and Erkan Meriç, which are reflected on social media, announcing that they are together, are widely talked about.

Erkan Meriç found his love on the set after the “Adını Sen Koy” project. On this occasion, Yağmur Öztürk had the opportunity to make his name known to a much wider audience.