Not only Tuzak series, but another ambitious TV series of tv8 will make the finale!
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3 February 2023 17:12


Not only Tuzak series, but another ambitious TV series of tv8 will make the finale!

We see that 2022 was a very productive year in terms of serials on tv8 screens, but the channel officials were not satisfied because of the productions that did not receive enough attention. After the broadcast of the daily series Canım Ailem on TV8 at the beginning of the year, another daily series called Yazgı (Fate) was aired for the new season.

In addition, the duo of Akın Akınözü and Bensu Soral came to the fore as the new series couple with the TV series Tuzak (Trap). In addition to these, we see that another daily series called Kadere Karşı (Against Destiny) is broadcast on the channel.

In the near future, TV8, which will continue its efforts to attract the audience to its own screen with a very ambitious series called Sıfırıncı Gün (Day Zero), will witness the farewell of some productions after the expected successes did not come.

In addition to saying goodbye to the screen in the coming months with the 13th episode of the Tuzak series, there are more final news from another series. According to the allegations reflected in the press, the final decision has been taken for the daily series Yazgı, which bears the signature of Erkan Meriç and Yağmur Öztürk.

The series attracted great attention abroad, and it was evaluated that sales in Latin American countries could be high. Reflections on social media also supported this expectation. However, it was revealed that the series “Yazgı” did not get the desired results in the ratings, and it was decided to make the finale in the 70th episode.

If the 42nd episode of Yazgı continues at this pace, it is expected to make a final in January and say goodbye to the screen. Considering that the 7th episode of the Tuzak series has been published, this story is expected to say goodbye to the audience in January.

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