Fatma TV series event! Burcu Biricik is in safe hands this time!
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29 November 2022 11:58


Fatma TV series event! Burcu Biricik is in safe hands this time!

The Kuzgun series was one of the projects that appeared on the screen last season, but the audience did not show the expected attention. The series followed the lover with passion and excitement. The decision of the second season of the series, which started low in the ratings, did not end well for Burcu Biricik and Barış Arduç.

When the participation of Onur Saylak in the beginning of the second season did not increase the ratings, Kuzgun was finalized in the series archive in a short time. The biggest loss was the leading actors. Burcu Biricik missed a season. Barış Arduç joined The Pit and made his new way. However, Burcu Biricik was disappointed because of the time spent in the best period of her career.

However, in the new season, Burcu Biricik is excited to meet her fans with a brand new series Fatmaa. This time, Burcu Biricik, who is in safe hands with the digital platform Netflix project, also expressed his excitement from social media.

The actor said, “I am very excited… We started counting down to the set. I can’t wait to introduce Fatma to you. ” Burcu Biricik fans are also excited and curiously waiting for Fatma series.

This time there is no rating problem. Because Fatma is a Netflix series… Özgür Önürme wrote the script for the series that Başak Abacıgil is the producer of. The series will be directed by Özer Feyzioğlu.

The series Fatma, which is about the story of a young and beautiful woman who turns from an ordinary cleaner to a serial killer, is considered to be of interest with its different concept.

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