Ferhunde Hanımlar confession coming years after from the master actress Hatice Aslan!..
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4 December 2022 06:11


Ferhunde Hanımlar confession coming years after from the master actress Hatice Aslan!..

Master actress Hatice Aslan is meeting with the audience with the TV series Annemizi Saklarken, broadcast on Star TV. The actress gives life to Benan, the older sister of the character “Dündar”, played by Kutsi.

Hatice Aslan’s fans, who shared the series set on her Instagram account, made laudatory comments about the actress’s performance on the photos. Her fans agree that Hatice Aslan once again showed her mastery in the TV series Annemizi Saklarken.

On the other hand, the actress, who was the guest of the YouTube program “Teras Noir” prepared and presented by Efe Tunçer and Meriç Ural, made candid statements in the program.

The actr, who has successfully played many different roles on screens, has a wide and colorful character scale. The master actress said, “I refuse a very difficult scenario, I just wonder about the character, will the series work? doesn’t it hold? I don’t think so,” she explained.

Years ago, the actress, who played the character of “Necla” for 7 years in the TV series Ferhunde Hanımlar, which was shot in Ankara and broadcast on TRT1 and Star channels, also made confessions about that period.

Hatice Aslan said that all the clothes she wore in the Ferhunde Hanımlar series belonged to her and that she regularly shopped for her character, and that every actress went to the set in this way at that time.

Hatice Aslan, who said that this feature still continues, said, “I still bring some clothes that I think will suit Benan to the set of Annemizi Saklarken.”

Hatice Aslan, who pointed out that she was careful not to interfere with anyone’s work while doing this, answered the question “What would you like to carry from that period to the present?”, “The amateur spirit we carry and the spirit of embracing the character”.

You can watch the entire Teras Noir Program with Hatice Aslan as a guest below;

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