Series News Even though Nevra in the TV series Bahar is repulsive, Hatice Aslan has a lot of fun playing the character!

Even though Nevra in the TV series Bahar is repulsive, Hatice Aslan has a lot of fun playing the character!


Hatice Aslan explained why women love the Bahar series more! The actress also finds her character Nevra repulsive.

Famous actress Hatice Aslan takes part in the TV series Bahar, which has attracted a lot of attention lately and makes the audience experience different emotions with its story.

The experienced actress has successfully taken part in many projects in both the TV series and cinema worlds. Hatice Aslan, who is now in the class of master actors and sets an example for young people, appeared before her fans again with the character of Nevra in the TV series Bahar.

The style, attitudes, thoughts and plans of Nevra, Bahar’s mother-in-law, played by Demet Evgar, annoy the audience. In addition to being a mother-in-law who is always at odds with Bahar, Nevra is also a bad-minded person, which makes her stand out.

Hatice Aslan is very pleased to be in this project. When she received the offer from the series, what made Hatice Aslan accept the project after reading the script was ‘the motto of the series’…

The series, which appeared before the audience under the name “Bahar: Are You Ready to Wake Up”, served to wake up the audience and took Hatice Aslan back to her youth.

In her statement in Episode magazine, the master actress shared the following details on this subject:

“When I read the script of Bahar, I liked its motto, ‘Are you ready to wake up?’ It really took me back to my teenage years. It reminded me of the times when I was like Bahar. That’s why all the women who watch find a lot in Bahar. “We all need to wake up, for that bud to bloom again.”

Hatice Aslan, who found it annoying that the character of Nevra only thought about herself, also said that she enjoyed playing her role.

The famous actress said, “Of course, she is a character who only thinks about herself, she does not care about her grandchildren or her son. Of course, her selfishness and thoughtless attitudes are very repulsive to me. Nevra is a very difficult but colorful character, I play with pleasure. However, I would not want to be a person like Nevra,” she said.