Artists News FeyyazDuman receives marriage proposals

FeyyazDuman receives marriage proposals


FeyyazDuman, which played Arif’s character in Woman’s line, was very popular

Arif has become a pioneer of goodness, sincerity and honesty, and continues to be praised in the social media among the series’s regular attendees.

Arif, who loves Bahar, who lives a hard life with two children, is a phenomenon character of the last period.

FeyyazDuman, who plays Arif character now, is being followed by an interest not even to CanerCindoruk which is the lead of the series.

FeyyazDuman, who has been acting since the age of 16, has been training in America and has been awarded prizes for roles in films he has played.

Mardin was born in the player, even if he can not speak Turkish until the age of 6, now took the popular jones.

He, which filled the eye with the game, is popular.

FeyyazDuman, Milliyet newspaper in an interview with the marriage proposals also says.

He said: “Sometimes we are sending very pleasing literary texts. I get messages from many people who want to meet, visit the set and get married. “