Series News Get ready for the bad surprises in ‘Bride Of Istanbul’!

Get ready for the bad surprises in ‘Bride Of Istanbul’!


The new episode of the ‘Bride Of Istanbul’ series, which is watched with great favors on STAR TV screens, will arrive on the screen on Friday, May 4th.

Their main roles are OzcanDeniz, AslıEnver, İpekBilgin and SalihBademci…

In the new part of the series, Süreyya is thinking about leaving from the post-natal period. Esma has a suggestion for her.

Fikret’s life will be mixed again. Fikret’s encounter with Esra coincides with the balance.

Between Adem and Faruk the water will not stop. Faruk, trying to persuade Adem to leave the company, is trying to talk. However, Adem has new plans for the Boran.

There will be an unexplained situation with Faruk. Faruk’s condition cautioned when he felt the weaknesses. The followers started to ask the question “Is there a tumor in Faruk?” In social media.

Evident surprises in the new episode are waiting for the audience!

Some followers were pleased with Esra’s return, and others kept it to rain.

The viewers were angry because Ipek was still not smart after he returned home. That is why some of the followers of Esra’s visit were pleased.

If Faruk was sick, he was confused. Already comments like “Faruk is dying?” Have begun to come out.

Here is the introduction to chapter 48: