Series News Özcan Deniz’s new series will be a passionate love

Özcan Deniz’s new series will be a passionate love


Famous actor Özcan Deniz focused on music studies and new series in a 1-year period after the Bride of Istanbul series, where she played the character of Faruk for 3 seasons. Özcan Deniz, who has been dealing with the King TV series for a long time, made a different opening this time when he could not get the story to ATV.

Özcan Deniz, who prepared a different series of projects with his own opportunities during quarantine days, made a mini series called Senkron. This project, which also includes Cansel Elçin and his lover Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat, tells the world in parallel.

Reminding that Özcan Deniz is both the producer and the director of the series, Cansel Elçin excited the fans by explaining that he has done the project very well and that it has done a very good job.

Before Özcan Deniz’s series called Sekron appeared, the existence of another series project emerged. The famous actor is working on a love drama.

In the Bride of Istanbul series comes a story that lives with passion, like Faruk and Süreyya. The name of the series has also been announced; I waited for you too. The channel on which the series will be broadcast was Star TV. As you will remember, the Bride of Istanbul series was also broadcast on Star TV.

Özcan Deniz, who will realize the series with Skala Media, also carries out the project designs.