Final announcement for the ambitious series from Kanal D!
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6 October 2022 13:50


Final announcement for the ambitious series from Kanal D!

One of the ambitious TV series of the summer period was Aşkın Tarifi. The series, which met with the audience in June on Kanal D screen, debuted very well at first…

The series, in which Kadir Doğulu appeared on the sets again after 15 months, unfortunately makes the finale because the ratings are low. Fans of the famous actor gave a great support, but the power of the project was not enough to continue in the winter period. Serra Arıtürk got an important opportunity by taking the lead role in her first series. Making good use of this opportunity, Arıtürk succeeded in displaying an effective acting.

Fans of the series liked the lead role. Kadir Doğulu also stated that he is pleased to take part in a role that highlights his biggest passion, cooking, after acting.

It was previously revealed that Kanal D made the final decision for the Aşkın Tarifi series. The 13th episode trailer of the series was released and it was officially announced that it would be the finale.

What would have happened if Fırat and Naz had met under different circumstances? You will see the answer to this question in the final.

The fans were very upset that another series was going to end on Kanal D screens. Aşkın Tarifi will be on Kanal D with its final episode on Monday, September 6th. Here is the first trailer from the final episode:

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