Series News Final Parties to the Hurt Flowers series!

Final Parties to the Hurt Flowers series!


ATV’s NTC Media-signed Hurt Flower series is getting ready for the final. Since 2015, the index on the screen has been cut from the 100th episode cake last week. Mehmet Yiğit Alp, the boss of the prolet who created his own star, 50 weeks first in the ratings and second in 50 weeks, explained the final decision to the team last week.

The maker who cut Sette cake did not stay with that too and decided to organize a big farewell party at Çukur’s place in Ağaoğlu Maslak to say goodbye to the party mood. On the evening of February 26, the “Hurt Flowers” line will continue until late at night when passers-by will come together.

The young talents such as Nil Keser, Hazar Motan and Aleyna Solaker, as well as the well-known actors such as İpek Karapınar and Özgür Çevik, who carried the story of the 5 young girls who grew up in the raising country,